Captain Vinnie Lasorsa

Freedom Fighter Outdoors and Last Mango Boatworks

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Postfly, Badfish, and The Wade Rod Co.

Meet Brian Runnals, avid fly fishermen, conservationist, and entrepreneur. Growing up in Massachusetts fishing was always apart of Brian's life...

Captain Vinnie Lasorsa

Meet Captain Vinnie Lasorsa, husband, father, captain for Jimmy Buffet, and founder of Last Mango Boatworks and Freedom Fighter Outdoors

Huck Performance Buckets

Joe Schneider, founder, inventor, father, outdoorsman, and all around great guy. Growing up in the Great State of Maryland, Joe took every chance he could to be out on the water...



Armed with a laptop and microphone, “Beyond the Buoy” took shape and continues to evolve. My hope for the show is not to tell you about those who make a difference but to show you. Beyond the Buoy is a podcast devoted to those who are taking the channel less traveled and along the way are willing to help not only the ocean but others around them. In turn, I hope and believe this will open people’s eyes to the good in others, educate those on the pressures on our earth’s precious ocean resource, and inspire others to make a difference.

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