Teaching people how to love the ocean….


It was a beautiful sunny day, on the boat along the Kona coast with sixteen passengers awaiting their chance to see a Manta Ray at Keauhou Bay, one of the most unique excursions on earth.  I feel incredibly fortunate to have been a part of a community who provide such adventures. Running along the Hawaiian the coastline I couldn't help but to think, a glassy calm day and the Hawaiian sun setting on the horizon followed by a green flash; makes you realize how fortunate we are to live on such a beautiful planet. 

At the time life was in flux, moving to Hawai’i was a huge leap and one that was full of uncertainty and excitement. As I cruised the coast my mind drifted back.  The idea of “Beyond the Buoy” came to me two years ago, but it wasn’t refined, it was more hypothetical and lacked a plan of action. So, like many, I tabled it for the right moment in time; waiting for it to contextualize. 

Born in Laguna Beach, California in a hospital overlooking the ocean, the ocean has always been a place of peace. Although born on the Pacific, I grew up on the Atlantic, along the Rhode Island coastline. Exploring the coastline on my family's 1991 V-20 Step-lift filled my summers. I feel blessed to have had the opportunity to explore the salt ponds and estuaries that the small state had to offer. 

It solidified my passion and has led me into what now looks to be a lifelong career. Studying Marine Affairs at the University of Rhode Island, my love for the ocean grew as did the opportunities the ocean can provide. As a way to continue my education I received my 100T Captains License and began working at a company that helped license captains and teach boaters how to be safe out on the water. This gave me the opportunity to grow with others and in turn, share the same love of the ocean with someone else.  In the meantime, I gained experience on the water any way I could. Driving for a tour boat company in Providence Rhode Island, delivering boats, and offering independent consulting to others on their boat all positioned me well for my next adventure. Although I didn’t know what at the time this had been the making of my next adventure. I would soon be boarding a plane to the Big Island of Hawaii. 

So, there I was rounding the lighted Green can (navigational aid),  bow pointed towards the mouth of Honokohau Harbor. It hit me, “Beyond the Buoy;” at first I questioned re-exploring the idea but decided it was time I began sharing the experiences and people that have helped create who I am today. The idea had context now and at the same time a mission behind it, “Teaching people how to love the ocean.”

And so, armed with a laptop and microphone, “Beyond the Buoy” took shape and continues to evolve. My hope for the show is not to tell you about those who make a difference, but to show you. Beyond the Buoy is a podcast devoted to those who are taking the channel less traveled and along the way are willing to help not only the ocean but others around them. In turn, I hope and believe this will open people’s eyes to the good in others, educate those on the pressures on our earth’s precious ocean resource and inspire others to make a difference.