Last Mango Boatworks

and Freedom Fighter Outdoors

Meet Captain Vinnie Lasorsa, husband, father, captain for Jimmy Buffet and founder of Last Mango Boatworks  and Freedom Fighter Outdoors

For the past nine years, Vinnie has been sharing outdoor experiences with wounded veterans. Hosting events around the country, Freedom Fighter Outdoors offers once and a lifetime fishing and hunting trips designed to honor and empower injured veterans. 

"Fins up" because this one is a good one!


"Serving those who have served us."

Captain Vinnie Lasorsa

After graduating college, it wasn't long before Vinnie was out working as a captain. At twenty three years old, Lasorsa spent every moment he could out on the water, perfecting his craft and learning from those around him; often times working for free just for the education. His reputation for being a ambitious captain spread and he eventually got the call to work for singer song writer Jimmy Buffet. 

His career has been one that many captains dream of, yet Vinnie has always had a strong will to serve. In fact, prior to working for Jimmy he was about to enlist as a United States Marine before receiving the  job offer. His service would come later life when Lasorsa decided to take several injured service members out fishing. Fast forward 9 years and Vinnie along with his wife have created Freedom Fighter Outdoors, providing hundreds of service members a once in a lifetime outdoor experience.  

A Mission to Help Wounded Veterans

Freedom Fighter Outdoors aims to empower wounded veterans by giving them once in a lifetime experience hunting and fishing. The organization has garnered the support of big name brands such as Costa Sunglasses, Yeti Coolers, and of course Jimmy Buffet.  


Last Mango BoatWorks 

After countless messages from fans, asking to buy a Last Mango shirt, Vinnie Lasorsa and his wife Sarah got thinking. From there, the idea to sell Last Mango Apparel and merchandise was born!All Last Mango Boatworks gives 100% of the profits to Freedom Fighter Outdoors, helping get more wounded service members out on a once in a lifetime fishing or hunting trip. 

Support FFO and LMBW

All profits from the sale of merchandise go right back into the events that help empower and serve our wounded veterans.