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YEW Surfboard Wax

Yew surfboard wax is one of the most innovative products to hit the market for surfers. Most people, including myself, never realize that the surfboard wax is not only harming the marine environment but is also themselves. That’s where Hogan Peters comes in, backed by his close friends and family Hogan set out to come up with an environmentally friendly way to wax up your surfboard before heading out for your next session. The answer, Beeswax! I don’t want to give too much away, and with that, I present to you Hogan Peters of Yew Surfboard Wax.

Meet Hogan Peters

Founder of YEW!

Hogan Peters, avid surfer, ocean enthusiast, and founder of YEW! Growing up surfing and playing Hockey, it was only natural for Hogan to create a product that helps solve a problem in the sports that he loves. 

Founding YEW in his college dorm room, Hogan was pumping out bars and refining his formula while attending college. It wasn't until he moved to California where YEW really started to gain traction. Now located in Manhattan Beach, California the "Hive" as Hogan calls it overlooks El Porto Beach and is a perfect location to test and create new products. 

Hogan makes it clear that YEW is just him, like many businesses, it is team of family and friends who have made Your Environments Wax possible.

Learn More About YEW!

Yew! is a phrase you might hear the next time you're down at the beaches watching the surfers catch a wave. For Hogan it takes on a whole new meaning, one that is steeped in sustainability and having a strong appreciation for our earth's oceans. 


Every bar of wax is made of a propritary blend of all natural elements including sustainably sourced bees wax. No longer do surfers have to pollute our ocean and as Hogan would say, they can now "Surf with the ocean". 

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From the warm water of Hawaii to the chilly Rhode Island coast YEW! has got you covered.