Maine made and Ocean tough; it's just that simple. Rugged Seas, owners Nicole, and Taylor Strout have cultivated a community behind a brand for those who spend the majority of their time offshore and away from home. The company, which started in their basement, creates unique apparel and gear made from discarded fishing bibs, collected from the fishing community

The husband and wife duo, despite working odd hours, and long distances have managed to create a thriving company, dedicated to serving others and their family of three. What excited me most about Rugged Seas was the sense of community that they are creating within the already tight-knit community of fishermen. Combine that with the up-cycled gear and Taylors hand-drawn designs, and you get a company that truly goes above and beyond.


Its in their Blood 

Taylor and Nicole Strout, a couple from Cape Elizabeth Maine have set out to create a brand dedicated to fishermen by fishermen. 

Growing up lobstering the Gulf of Maine 

From Bib to Bag 

From bib to bag, Rugged Seas creates hats, bags, backpacks, and gear designed by fishermen for fishermen.  The gear is as tough as the ocean and made to last in some of the most austere and rugged environments. Hauling pants or bibs, Rugged Seas collects the very gear that fishermen wear on a daily basis and give it a new lease on life. Better yet, Nicole and Taylor have created a community of fishermen who are able to tell their story and share what it means to be a fishermen. 


"Maine Made. Ocean Tough"

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From bibs to bags, Rugged Seas Gear is Maine made and Ocean Tough!