In today’s episode of Beyond the Buoy I speak with Brian Runnals the man behind popular fishing brands such as Postfly, Badfish, and The Wade Rod Co. Brian, a devoted fisherman set out create the ultimate fishing experience in a box. Starting in his basement he quickly grew that monthly subscription company, which now ships over 100,000 flies each month. Now, Brian has three brands dedicated to supplying anglers around the country with top-quality fishing gear, for all types of fishing. It’s an amazing company with a mission to break down the barriers typically associated with fishing, making it more affordable and accessible to all.


Brian Runnals

Meet Brian Runnals, avid fly fishermen, conservationist, family man, and entrepreneur. 

Growing up in Massachusetts fishing was always apart of Brian's life. Brian and his Girlfriend, now wife, moved to San Fransisco as a way to get away and try something new shortly after college. While living in California, he got involved in a tech startup, but the itch to fish still remained. 

Fast forward to 2013 and Brian decided to put together a subscription box to help people learn how to fly fish. Putting together boxes in his basement Brian put together the first eight boxes and the rest is history. Now, he runs three fishing related brands, Postfly, Badfish, Pelican Reels and the Wade Rod Co. all aimed at educating and inspiring others to fish!

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Wether you purchase a box or product from Postfly, Badfish, Wade Rod Co. and Pelican Reels you know that you are purchasing some of the best products on the market. Brians isn't out to just sell you a box full of "stuff". Every box and product, down to a sticker, is handpicked by fishermen for fishermen. He travels the world looking for the best quality materials and manufacturing practices to ensure that every product adheres to the high standards set by Recur Outdoors. 


Save the Season 

Brian and his team have made it a point to give back to the community by creating the "Save the Season" initiative. The initiative aims to provide relief for fishing guides affected by the corona virus pandemic. Due to the virus many guides, charter boats, and other outfits have had to close shop for the time being. Through donations made through and the sale of merchandise, you can help save the 2020 season.

If you would like to be apart of the Save the Season movement, click the link below to either donate or purchase some  gear. Guides  affected can also apply for relief  by clicking the below. 

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Wether you are an avid fly fishermen, saltwater angler, or in need of a new rod Brian has got you covered.