Artist, Designer, and Marine Scientist

In today’s episode, I sit down and have an awesome conversation with artist, marine scientist, and designer Ethan Estess. Based in Santa Cruz California, Ethan creates incredible pieces of art meant to bring light to issues that face our oceans. Our conversation dives deep into topics such as fisheries management to working with world-renowned musician Jack Johnson. It was a pleasure having Ethan on the show and I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know more about how he is helping our oceans. 

Ethan Estess

Ethan is a man of many talents; marine scientist, designer, artist, and ocean fanatic! Growing up in Santa Cruz Ethan always had a strong connection to the water, surfing and shaping surfboards. 

He would later go on to graduate Stanford University with a bachelors and masters in marine science. While balancing school and work Ethan began to express himself through sculpture and the rest is history! 

Behind the Art 

Studying marine sciences and growing up on the ocean, it wasn't long before he realized that the ocean was in a constant state of peril.  He saw that the ocean had become "humanity's waste bin and fast food joint". So, being the motivated individual that Ethan is, he has made it his life's mission to help protect our oceans environment through his art and sculpture.