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Huck Performance Buckets

On this episode of Beyond the Buoy I sit down with Joe Schneider of Huck Performance Buckets. As an avid outdoorsman, Joe, was sick and tired of having to deal with the typical five gallon bucket. Cheap, ill equipped and poorly made the classic bucket was no match for Joe and after a fateful day at the boat Joe was finally fed up. From that day forward he has completely re-engineered the five gallon bucket, not settling for anything less than the best five gallon bucket on the planet. Built right here in the USA the Huck Performance Bucket sets the standard for all other buckets and the best part, its 100% made right here in the US of A!

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Meet Joe Schnieder

Joe Schneider, founder, inventor, father, outdoorsman, and all around great guy. Growing up in the Great State of Maryland, Joe took every chance he could to be out on the water or in the woods.  His passion for the outdoors would follow Joe throughout his life and career. Eventually leading him to create the now famous, Huck Performance Bucket. 

After a long morning catching Ballyhoo, to be used as bait, for a long day of fishing. Joe was walking down the dock carrying the precious baitfish in your typical 5-gallon bucket when the handle snapped, sending his mornings work overboard. After some choice commentary, Joe was determined to invent the best bucket on the market, solving the very problems he was having. 

Learn More About Huck Buckets

Every part of the bucket, right down to the nuts and bolts is made right here in the USA! Some parts are even made in the state of Maryland, home to the Huck Bucket. The only one of it's kind Huck Buckets are made from a proprietary blend of polymers making it extremely durable, while remaining light and flexible.  

From the spagehtti pot handles, to the vibram sole, the Huck Bucket was designed with YOU in mind. Joe is so confident in his buckets that he created the "Huck Guarantee" where he will fix, replace, or refund any bucket that doesn't hold up to the extreme wear and tear that a your typical bucket just can't handle.  

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